What is Guerrilla Marketing

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It is a strategy of advertisement at a very low cost & surprised public to promote a product. We can say it’s an edge of creativity. Many Companies leave their products in public places even for live use. This produce word of mouth marketing, that’s top of the marketing terms.

Customers create direct link with companies through their promotion of products.

I use a smart phone shape & live google search text design as a business card for my own promotion as a digital marketer.
adidas Showroom in shoe box shape
Hot Wheels like a kid playing with cars.

NIVEA Night Cream looks like a moon

Kit Kat Chocolate. Great use of seating concept with chocolate shape.
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Ray Ban Bus Stop Shed
Pizza Wih Cheese
Have you wash your hand with lifeboy soap before eat. A good example of indian roti.
IKEA space furniture
SGS Hammered
FedEx Delivery Worldwide
Burger king. Always on top
Asprina Tablet of headache
Tomato Ketchup
Berger Paints